​About the breed


Maine Coon is an aboriginal breed of cats. Its roots are from America, Maine. Maine Coon cats are friendly in character, completely socialized, tender and affectionate, will forever become a true friend and beloved member of your family. Among domestic cats this breed stands out very large in size, the average weight of the cat is 7-9 kilograms, and cats are 5-7 kilograms. However, proud posture makes one think that cats of this breed are much harder.

​About the cattery


Our cattery is officially registered in the WCF system in 2017. We have been breed since 2014, you can see on our website that our cattery founder, the wonderful cat Lexus Diva Voice, has been successfully exhibited since childhood.
We conduct breeding work both inside the nursery and work together in friendly nurseries. A serious approach to the selection of pairs brings us closer to the ideal of the pedigree animal to which we strive.
Stunning Maine Coons, who are not involved in breeding and have long been neutered, also live with us. But they are no less loved by us!

​About the kittens

We are pleased to offer you wonderful Maine Coon kittens. Educated, socialized, vaccinated, with all the necessary documents.
Our kittens live together with their parents and leave their home at the age not earlier than three months after the booster.
Kittens are not given in bulk, kittens are not given for resale.
We are looking for their kittens only worthy and loving owners.

About free-range walking


Our kittens are not given into houses with free range, are not designed for catching mice, hunting for birds and other game.
The terms of the contract prohibit the release of the animal into free-range.
If you hold the opinion that in the world and so full of dangers and are ready to rely on fate - our kittens are not for you.
If you think that the animal does not suffer without hunting - our kittens are not for you.
If you think that there are no irreplaceable kittens - our kittens are not for you.

About nutrition


Our kittens are grown on Super Premium class food. Kittens also receive raw meat, vitamins.
Feeding an animal with food from a table is unacceptable, because leads to a violation of metabolism, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract and unpleasant, and often deplorable consequences.
The same effect as food from the table is expected from the Economy class feed.
If you are not ready to feed a kitten qualitatively, it may be worthwhile to wait with the pet's establishment.

​About other people's kittens


Offering our kittens, we also offer our advice on growing, care and other issues related to our kittens.
If your kitten is not from our kennel, and you have questions about breed, nutrition, health, care and others, ask for explanations to your breeder (old lady at the metro / divorce / market vendor or other persons from whom you took the kitten) .
Asking us to discuss and advise on kittens is not our ethic. 

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